Work-at-home options may be a click away
This story was published in Everyday Magazine on Sunday, April 21, 2002.

Q: What are some career opportunities for moms who would like to work from home?

It worked for me:

I strongly suggest that people find a business they truly enjoy. Most people who jump into a quick way to make money usually end up failing. They start something that does not earn an income. Or they find the business they started is not something they enjoy, and it becomes a real chore.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of companies hiring for employees. And there are many "opportunities" that are more often scams than not. I suggest that you review our Tips for Avoiding Scams at www.moms-

We are frequently asked about working at home and hear of so many moms losing their money to scams and unsuccessful businesses that we created the "Mom's Work-at-Home Kit." This kit was designed to save moms hours of research and money wasted on opportunities that do not work out. The kit helps moms decide what type of business is right for them. It also walks them through each step of getting a business started. More information is available at www.momswork-

Also get involved in a networking and support group such as The advice and wisdom of fellow home-based working moms is valuable and helpful.

Lesley Spencer, Austin, Texas

I am the owner of My Web site has great work-at-home resources for moms looking to make money at home. You can take advantage of my free work-at-home jobs newsletter that is sent out weekly. It is loaded with jobs, business opportunities and other moneymaking endeavors. There are various ways you can make money from home or work for extra money. Visit my Web site and sign up for our free weekly newsletter.

Stacy Perez, Hanover Park, Ill.

Owning and maintaining a Web site is an excellent choice for women interested in working from home. A year and a half ago, I founded my site:

I have been able to combine my interest in learning more about computers and the Internet with my passion for parenting and my faith. Although my site excludes advertising at this point, I do have affiliate relationships with reputable online vendors and earn enough through online sales to support the upkeep of my site. It has been a wonderful educational opportunity for me. The beauty of working from home and on the Internet is that it gives me complete autonomy to determine my work schedule and priorities, while honing skills that are valuable in today's job market should I choose to seek work outside the home.

Lisa Hendey, Fresno, Calif.

From Jodie:

Here are two other ideas for moms to explore that are new to most people. One is the Southern Living Party Plan. It's taking the world by storm with wonderful items for inside and outside the home. See for more information and to take a peek at some of the products.

The other is Premier Designs. This is a company that has come up with awesome pieces of jewelry that are quite unique in design. See for details.

Can you help?

How can we tell our friends that we don't want their daughter over at our house every day?

We need help with a neighbor who lets his dog run free and scares my kids.

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