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    Hear Stacy Perez on Real Audio
    First live interview - when DCM was fairly new.
    Click To Hear Stacy
    Interview By: Katie Darden
    Founder of: Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable
    ~August 21, 2002~
    "Successful Work-At-Home-Mom Secrets:
    Secrets on How to Be a Successful Work-At-Home-Mom and Still Keep Your Sanity"
    Click To Hear Stacy

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch - featured 04-21-02 / Work At Home Options Maybe A Click Away or view on the website, click here.

    Times-Union in FL - featured 03-20-01 / More moms logging on to bring home some extra bacon

    News Bytes - featured 01-29-01 / Article Lining Up Work For Stay-At-Home Moms

    Daily Herald Newspaper - featured 01-16-01 / Article Web site helps mothers find job to work from home

    -- "Press Release on PR Web - 01-09-01" --

    Press Releases for DotComMommies.com - 12-02-00

    "Chicago Suntimes Newspaper - featured 11-16-00 / Article: Site helps moms balance new responsibilities, work"

    -- "Announced on CBS News 11-16-00" --
    -- "Announced on NBC News 11-16-00" --
    -- "Linked on NBC News 11-16-00" --

    List-A-Day Review: 11-14-00/ Article: Dot Com Mommies Ezine

    DotComMommies.com will be in this book coming Winter 2002

    is in this book!

    is in this book! Listed as one of Jodie's favorite sites

    Chosen by The Sons Channel @ BellaOnline for the month of January, 2001.
    View the link on Bella Online
    Bella Award Email

    HerAssistant.com -
Helping You Build a Better Business

    Bringing working moms closer to their children

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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