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    List A Day Review

    Tuesday, November 14, 2000
    Click to see: DotComMommies Review by List-A-Day

    Dot Com Mommies

    The Dot Com Mommies newsletter, published weekly, is written for women who are working to have it all -- a challenging career and an enjoyable home life, too. Proving you don't need to sacrifice anything if you know how to go about getting what you want, Dot Com Mommies already has more than 3,431 subscribers. Because of its original content and focused subject area, its member list continues to grow at a pace of approximately 200 new subscribers each week.

    Edited by Stacy Perez, Dot Com Mommies is full of resources you can use to learn how to obtain or create your own online job. The tips and advice range from notice of helpful freebies (such as work-at-home e-books) and telecommuter news to work-from-home informational sites. Whether you plan to sell your services from a Web site or seek full-time freelance work, Dot Com Mommies has something for everyone.

    In a recent edition of Dot Com Mommies, Perez included information on legitimate college classes available via the Internet, links to well-paying work-at-home positions listed with Friends From Home, and an introduction to eWork and ICPlanet, two freelancing companies that are eager to help you launch both your resume and your career with them.

    To subscribe, send a blank email to: mailto:dotcommommies-subscribe@listbot.com

    - Written By:
    Lisa Marie Heitman
    Associate Editor

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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