Web site helps mothers find job to work from home
Posted on January 16, 2001 Daily Herald

By Kim Mikus

Like many women, Stacy Perez toyed with the question of whether to return to work after the birth of her son.

While the Hanover Park woman was pregnant she conducted extensive research to determine if she could possibly work from home once the baby arrived. Her goal was to find work through the Internet.

This research turned into a business for Perez. She designed and now operates a Web site geared to assist other mothers looking to work from home. The site, Dotcommommies.com, went live last spring. Perez said the site has since attracted more than 300,000 hits.

Perez is on an extended maternity leave from a previous job to operate the site while raising her 13-month-old son, Kyler. Her husband, Juan, works as a maintenance technician.

The Web site includes links to freelance and membership sites that offer access to work-at-home job opportunities. Perez continues to work with new companies to provide additional work opportunities.

She also provides links to where women can gain education through the Internet which may ultimately help them find work.

Perez recently hooked up with EattorneyListings.com, an online legal portal for attorneys and consumers. Perez said about 100 people have found work through the Web site at EattorneyListings.com.

Perez said she carefully researches each work-from-home opportunity before she posts it on her Web site. She also communicates with numerous women via e-mail on a daily basis, helping them find work possibilities.

Job opportunities on the site include freelance jobs for magazines, Web design, clerical transcription and sales. Perez also includes other helpful information including books on the subject of working from home.

The entrepreneur also maintains a weekly on-line newsletter containing additional information about available opportunities and ways to make money from home.

Perez makes her money from the business through companies that advertise on the site.

"The high-tech evolution of the Internet is allowing me to help women find legitimate work-from-home opportunities so they can contribute to the household budget while making a better life for their family by remaining at home," Perez said.

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