December 2, 2000

Hoffman Estates, Illinois to be a member of’s

Work at Home Opportunity Network signed an advertising agreement with the Professional Business Recruiting website, The Agreement, which will commence in mid-November provides that the Premier Online Legal Portal for Attorneys and Consumers will have the recruiting capabilities to expand our reach nationwide. At’s Work-at-Home Marketplace, we will be able to tap into an otherwise overlooked pool of highly qualified, and educated mothers who have chosen to take advantage of all the benefits working from home affords them.

According to Paul T. Haugh, president and chief executive officer of,

"Our relationship with places us in a new category of expanded reach as we build our online recruiting presence. I am especially impressed with the large number of highly qualified subscribers Dotcommommies is bringing on each month, and before meeting Stacy, we were limited to local recruiting to service National Accounts."

In addition to the Recruiting Marketplace Agreement, Dotcommommies online presence nationwide has in turn helped promote us and our message as the Premier Online Legal Portal Nationwide to families across America. Paul T. Haugh also adds, "There is no doubt she’s opened up doors otherwise closed to us. Literally overnight, gave us a way to find qualified professionals quickly and affordably. Stacy is not just an important recruiting source for us, she is our most important strategic partner for expansion in the future," says Paul.

"I feel confident having Stacy a phone call away to find us the professionals we need to service our accounts anywhere. She was able to accomplish for us what couldn’t. Stacy’s subscribers and has a lot to be thankful for."