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    Stay At Home Moms Fall For
    Work From Home Scams
    By: Stacy Perez

    Honestly, stay at home moms are the biggest prey for work from home scams, and scam artists know it and thrive on it. Moms are known to quickly dish money out for work from home scams like envelope stuffing or buying work from home packets because they are blinded because they are desperate to find a way of making an income from home.

    During the past four years of researching and educating about working from home, I meet a lot of moms that fall into scams. They easily pay for work at home directories and work at home jobs, such as, typing from home, data entry, envelope stuffing, assembly, etc.

    It appears that moms love to pay for those types of work from home positions and they are easily fallen into a scam.

    I do not know why moms fall easily for scams because they should know better. It may be that they are desperate to find a way of making an income from home while raising their children.

    For instance, you will find moms that will pay for work from home packets. They may have received an email about a work from home position, and it tells them to go to a particular website and purchase a work from home packet. They spend may be $50.00 for this information to find that it is just a directory of other companies supposedly hiring for work from home positions.

    Here moms pay about $50.00 for information and then become prey to other supposed companies by dishing out even more money for other supposed work from home positions.

    Now, what is even more shocking is the fact that there are moms that fall for these scams but then when something legitimate comes around they say it's a "scam."

    It is not necessarily true. I am angered at the fact that moms will easily get scammed by scam artists if not once but more then once. Why is that? But then when something legitimate comes around they say it's a "scam."

    Getting scammed reminds me a lot of single girls choosing to date bad or troubled boys. They know it is not a good thing but they would rather bad boys when they could be dating boys who are like prince charming. Is it because bad boys are more exciting then good boys? May be. May be girls like the thrill of a bad boy.

    My point is almost the same thing. We all know that paying for work from home directories or paying for work from home positions is most probably a scam but you still keep doing it. Why? But, then you have something good and legitimate come around and you say it's a "scam." Why is that? Do you prefer the bad thing over the good thing?

    Today, I spoke with a woman who called me. She called to ask me about a work from home supposed company. I asked her the company name, and she didn't even know it. She said she was emailed a bunch of information about the work from home position and would need to find it and call me back. She called me back. She started to go over about the work from home position. She said it was order processing for a supposed program software company, but she still didn't know the name of the company. I started thinking it was a scam because usually order processing in most cases as a fee attached to it. She said she was directed in the email to go to a particular website and purchase the work from home packet. I asked her if there is a fee. She said it is about $50.00. I told her I wouldn't do it because it is a probably a scam. She said it was too late because she already paid the $50 for the packet. I went to the website she directed to go too which was onlylegitworkathomejobs.com. Based on the looks of this website it looks like Johnson & Johnson, which is known to sell packets under different names.

    You should stay away from the following:

    1. Work from home positions like data entry, typing, envelope stuffing, assembly, etc. that require a fee.

    2. People who lure you in by enticing you by a particular work from home position and direct you to buy a packet.

    3. People portraying a company with no name.

    4. Companies that are not members of the BBB.org.

    5. Work from home directories and most membership sites.

    Endorsed, recommended and legitimate work from home opportunities:


    Keep Safe!

    Stacy Perez

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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