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    How Simple It Is To Get Injured, It Can Happen And You Don't Realize It
    By: Stacy Perez

    There are things we can do in life to avoid possible harm or injury,
    but we may not because we just don't think it can happen to us, right?
    WRONG!  It can happen.
    The purpose of this article is to let you know what happened to
    me Easter weekend to educate you and make you more aware
    of the dangers of spiders.  PLUS, to bring up another issue
    of harm that my mentor and I chatted about.  My incident triggered
    our discussion when I returned home from the hospital.
    I had a nice discussion with one of my mentors with a company
    I am working with.  The discussion has brought a lot of thought
    to our minds about preventing injury or harm by making some
    changes in your home.  Read my story and then read what him
    and I discussed.
    Over Easter weekend, I was bitten by a spider.  I had contact
    with a spider on Saturday night, 04-10-04.  I didn't know I was bitten. 
    I actually thought it was a burn when I went to the emergency
    room on 04-12-04.
    When I woke up on Monday, 04-12-04, I noticed a bump on the
    side of my hand that had a slit in the middle.  The bump was kind
    of hard, and  the slit was strange.  I also woke up with what I think
    was a migraine headache. 
    I spent the entire Monday laying down with a horrible headache. 
    It also made me nauseas.  I tried different things to get rid of it,
    and nothing was working.  Later in the evening, my husband ran out
    and purchased aspirin for migraines.  It actually helped make me
    feel better.  I was then able to do what I needed to do on Monday.
    As the day was moved on, I started noticing pain in my right
    arm pit.  It even hurt to touch it.  Also, the bump on the side of my
    right hand appeared bigger with a lot of redness
    around it.  I put some antibiotic ointment on it and covered
    My husband went to work at 11pm and my kids were in bed.
    I went on the computer to do some work.
    About 1:30am, I started getting a throbbing pain in my right
    leg and tingling in my right toes.  I called my husband at work.
    He said he was going to come home so I could go to the
    emergency room.
    He got home about 2:30am, and I went to ER with our only
    car.  He wanted to drive me, but I didn't want to wake the kids.
    I should have just called 911 and you will see why shortly.
    I went to the ER with the assumption I had an infected burn. 
    I seriously thought I burned myself from the oven rack.  The
    nurse and doctor were shocked by the appearance of the 
    wound.  They were more surprised that I thought it was a burn. 
    In fact, the nurse thought it was a second degree burn.  The doctor
    came in and said he needed to remove the blister so it will heal better.
    Of course, I was not thrilled about that idea of taking off my
    skin.  He began removing it and asked me if he was hurting
    me.  I said, "no, I don't feel a thing."  He said, "really, you don't feel
    anything?"  I said, "no."  He said, "this can't be a burn, it has to
    be a bite."  He asked me if I was exposed to a spider and I
    said yes.  I explained that I was exposed to a spider Saturday
    night, and I also explained how the wound first looked when
    I woke up on Monday morning.  He said it really looked like
    a spider bite.  They took a lot of blood for tests.
    They decided to admit me to the hospital because my white
    blood cell count was high, and I needed to go through
    antibiotic IV treatments.  I had our only car and of course
    I was thinking how in the world will my husband get it.
    I ended up being in the hospital for 3 LONG days.  Can you
    believe that over a spider bite?  During that time, I have seen
    my regular doctor, a plastic surgeon, and an infectious disease
    The day before I went home, the IV nurse suggested to my
    doctor to send me home with a "pick line".  Now, you are
    probably wondering what a pick line is.  A pick line is a
    catheter that is inserted through a vein so that instead of
    being picked  for an IV or for drawing blood, all they have
    to do is hook the IV to a plug that is exposed.  The catheter
    was put through a vein near my elbow but on the side of my
    arm.  It is put  through my vein and stops at my heart.  So, I
    have these plugs hanging off my arm.  You can see what
    I am talking about at the end of this article.
    I got to go home on Thursday, but I have to make a
    trip to the hospital every single morning for the antibiotic
    IV treatments that last about an hour.  Because the infection
    is pretty bad, antibiotic IV is needed.  I ended up contracting
    Strep A from the infection.
    I still have no idea what the future holds..  I have no idea how
    long I will have to go through those treatments, and I have no
    idea if surgery or anything will be needed.
    The ER doctor, the plastic surgeon and my doctor all
    feel I was bit by a brown recluse spider which is one
    of two spider types that are poisonous.  I never even
    heard of it prior to this incident.  In fact, I do not think
    they are even common where I live in Illinois.
    It is amazing because once you get bit by a spider,
    you start hearing all the horror stories of other people
    that were bit by one.  I have heard stories of the wound
    coming back years later.  I have heard of people loosing
    sections of their body parts, etc.  Not pleasant, I am sure.
    Now, this is the conversation I had with my mentor.  He
    said and people want to have toxic cleaning products
    in their homes, when they can help prevent injury or harm
    if they would just get it and start using products that don't have
    the toxins and chemicals in them.  Simple huh?
    The point of what he said is... here we know the toxins
    and chemicals in products maybe harmful especially
    if they are ingested.  But people probably think oh nothing
    can happen to me and my family, right?  Well, I thought
    the same thing with spiders.  I never worried about being
    bit by one and look I was bit by one.  It will probably cost
    me over $10,000 in medical bills - which I will have to pay
    a nice chunk of that out of my pocket, I spent 3 days in the
    hospital - no working obviously, I have to go to the hospital
    every single day for IV antibiotics, with the possibility of
    surgery.  All over a spider.  Maybe if I would have used
    precautions it would never have happened.  But because
    I never thought a spider bite could cause harm, I never
    did a thing about it.  Now look at me, I have to pay the price.
    I have a friend that I have been educating about the toxins
    and chemicals for about a year.  She just didn't get it like
    most of you don't.  Well, one day she called me and told me
    she was helping her boyfriend clean his apartment with Windex.
    As soon as she said that, I knew it was going to be a good
    story.  She said she was cleaning with the Windex and the
    Windex took off one of my acrylic nails.  She lost her
    nail and ended up going to the emergency room.  She
    asked me how she to get the toxins and chemicals out
    of her home.  Now, she is a loyal and happy customer
    and at peace knowing that she doesn't have harmful
    products in her home.
    It took something bad to happen to my friend before she
    opened her eyes.  She personally has ADD, and her son
    is 4.5 years old and was just diagnosed with SDI which
    is where all of his senses are off.  Now, I asked her if she
    thinks the toxins and chemicals in the products while
    pregnant and while he has been born may have contributed
    to him getting SDI and she said she read in a book that
    it may be a possible cause.  If you think about all the
    cases of allergies, asthma, ADD, ADHD, and cancer
    and think about why is that number so high.. think about
    how much fancier they are making products and how
    much the products are loaded with harmful junk.  Don't
    take my word for it... take the ingredient on the backs
    of every product and type it in a search engine like
    www.google.com and see what you pull up.  I can tell
    you that you will find that ingesting, absorbing or inhaling
    most of the chemicals are either immediately harmful
    or harmful after long term exposure. 
    My point here is if accidents can be avoided, why aren't
    they?  Simply switching stores and buying the products
    you are already buying and saving money just makes
    sense.  Doesn't it?  Doesn't it even make more sense
    when you can actually earn money too?
    If you are interested in learning about switching stores
    to purchase products that do not have all the chemicals
    in them, save money, with the opportunity to make money
    then email me with "Switch Stores - I'm interested" on
    the subject line and include your name, phone # and
    best time to call in the body of the email.  Email to:
    Here are my pictures taken on 04-16-04.....
    The first 3 pictures were taken the day after I returned from the hospital on 04-16-04.  The wound is on my
    right hand.  The 4th picture is a "pick line" that is on my left arm.  It is a catheter that was put up through my vein
    to my heart.  This is where they can hook up the IV for the antibiotics every day without sticking me with a needle.
    Plus, they can draw blood from it.  These pictures look so much better then the wound looked in the hospital.
    The top of my hand was swollen and red, along with the area around the wound was swollen and red.  I also
    had streaks of red going down to my elbow.
    Best Wishes and keep safe.
    Stacy Perez
    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

    Copyright ©2000-2016 DotComMommies.com - All Rights Reserved.

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